Rekindling heads 2018 Melbourne Cup odds

The Melbourne Cup Odds – How to Wager

If you love horse racing in Australia, then you must make sure to attend the 2018 Melbourne Cup. The event will bring together 24 teams from across the world and you will have a chance to wager on the outcome of 10 races throughout the day. The prize for the best jockey and horse team is also quite promising at $7.3 million. We’re here to provide you with basic guidance about how to be a bit better at guessing the outcome of races successfully. The Melbourne Cup 2018 date is scheduled for November 6 at 3:00 PM.

Melboune Cup 2018 Horses – Focusing on the Favorites

If you are approaching the event from the standpoint of someone who is eager to bet, then there are several things that you will have to keep in mind. First, let’s focus on the Melbourne Cup 2018 Horses. A closer look at the top ten will give us a rough estimate of what bookmakers expect will happen:

1. Rekindling $19
2. Chestnut Coat $26
3. Magic Circle $26
4. Johannes Vermeer $26
5. Kings Will Dream $26
6. Marmelo $31
7. Douglas MacArthur $41
8. Hiyaam $41
9. Who Shot Thebarman $41
10. Red Cardinal $41

We can see that Rekindling is the clear favourite in this race, but the difference is not yet so great as to rule out the other contenders. In fact, there are quite a few horses that are well-poised to win first place, including Chestnut Coat, Magic Circle, Johannes Vermeer, Kings Will Dream, and even Marmelo, which we may call the underdog in this case.
As the Melbourne Cup 2018 Odds stand, it would be difficult to root for any of the horses that start at 7th position onwards. If you are an educated punter, you may have been able to catch something that the bookmakers have missed, but generally, the favourites tend to win more often than not for obvious reasons.

Squeezing the Wagers – How to Stake Like a Pro

Not everything depends on the Melbourne Cup odds. Knowing the types of available bets and the probable outcomes will help you combine all your wagers in a way that may give you a slight advantage. And so, you may want to consider the number of available bets.

Win bet – You pick a winner and back it outright. All money is lost if your horse fails to finish first.

Place bet – You bet that a certain horse will finish within the first three slots of the Melbourne Cup.

Each-Way bet – Basically, you choose that a horse will either win or place. If you choose to stage a $5 on each option, you will have to take a harder look at how much each wager pays.

Quinella – Specific horse racing bets which allow you to pick two horses that will place first and second in the ace.

Trifecta bets – Trifecta picks the first three horses to finish the crossing line. You may opt for the correct order of the horses or you can only stick to the rougher outline.

This concludes our take on how to adjust the 2018 Melbourne Cup odds so that they may work in your favour. You can learn more about Melbourne Cup odds here. Certainly, there’s a lot to pick here and there and your genuine interest in the rest, combined with the odds bookies offer, will help you pick what may work best for you.